Nicolo Abou-Taleb Squashes the Competition


Photo by courtesy of Nicolo Abou-Taleb

Senior Nicolo Abou-Taleb won the William T. Kechum Award for his squash skills.

Nicolas Franchini, Staff Reporter, Junior

In 2014, Nicolo Abou-Taleb, Pelham Memorial High School senior, began to play a sport unfamiliar to most: squash. He comes from a long line of world-renowned squash players.

“I was basically born into the game,” Abou-Taleb said. “My grandfather and father played professionally and I am looking to follow in their footsteps.”

Abou-Taleb’s father played professional squash and was ranked top 50 in the world. Before that, his grandfather won the British Open three times and was considered best in the world during his prime.

Squash is a sport played by two singles or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow, rubber ball. A match in squash is best of three or five games, as each game is played to 11 points.

Abou-Taleb practices six days a week for at least two hours at the Westchester Squash Academy. His work ethic and effort are driven by his love for the game.

“I enjoy playing because I like the competition and I like to travel around playing tournaments in countries such as England and Egypt. It is a way to meet new people as well,” he said.

He constantly works hard with his future in sight, as Abou-Taleb wants to continue playing squash in college.

“For now, I am looking to play in college on a very competitive team,” Abou-Taleb said.