Mental Health Awareness Club Holds Fundraiser

Dylan Nordstrom, Junior, Associate News Editor

The new Mental Health Awareness Club, which was founded this year by sophomore Lucy Edmunds with the mission of raising awareness for those who struggle with emotional and psychological issues, put the “fun” in fundraising by asking students to participate in a lollipop jar game. They hoped to “lick” the stigma often assocated with people who struggle with these types of challenges.

To compete in the game, students estimated the number of lollipops in a jar for the price of a dollar, at a table located in front of the auditorium. The closest student to the actual number of lollipops would be the winner; if more than one person were an equal distance away from the number, then straws would be drawn to declare a winner. The victorious student would not only win the jar of lollipops, but also receive a $25 gift card to Chipotle.

The club raised around $100 in its efforts, which went to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (N.A.M.I.).  The winner, announced on February 11, was sophomore Irene Beldman. Vice president of the club, sophomore Alex Orlando, said, “I thought doing lollipops was a great idea because who doesn’t love lollipops? The fundraiser not only made money for N.A.M.I., but also brought attention to the club as well.”