How to Deal with Homesickness

Anna Esteverena, Sophomore, Staff Reporter

What happens when a college freshman begins to miss home? Homesickness, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a feeling of longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it. Many upcoming college freshmen have spent little time away from home and can feel somewhat traumatized by being completely independent. Research from CNBC shows that 1 in 10 students find it hard to function in their first year of college. According to an article by HAP Balanced Living, 30 percent of college students have a low level of homesickness, while 69 percent experience it more severely. Learning how to deal with missing home will be valuable to any student.

It is important for a student to let their friends know how they’re feeling. Reaching out will provide a new support system at school and make one feel more comfortable. Asking a roommate to add something to a student’s dorm to remind them of home, eating meals the student used to eat at home, or doing familiar activities are some ways to make school seem more comfortable. Building a system that has elements of a student’s home and new elements from the college or university will cultivate a positive college experience!

Keeping busy is key to escaping those looming feelings of longing. Getting involved through sports teams, organizations, volunteering, or clubs will occupy students so they forget to be homesick. College’s countless extracurricular activities can also help students make new friends!

It may be hard dealing with homesickness in the beginning of the college experience, but finding remedies that remind students of home and getting involved in one’s new life will make the college as fulfilling as possible.