New Coach Campbell Fee is a Score for PGVS


Maria Comerford

Coach Campbell Fee instructs her players during practice.

Maeve Parmelee, News Editor, Senior

The girls varsity soccer team rang in the 2019 season with the addition of a new coach, Campbell Fee. Ms. Fee, a 2014 Pelham Memorial High School graduate and athlete, is thrilled to be back and coach the team she used to play on.

Fee said, “Coming back to coach has been really great because I know the program, I know the people, and I am really excited to see the school succeed.”

As a student, Fee was a large part of Pelham athletics. She played four years of varsity soccer and was a captain of the team in both her junior and senior years. During the off-season, she also played varsity basketball and ran track. As a result, her athletic skill was recognized when she was named 2014 Athlete of the Year.

Fee continued her post-Pelham athletic career by playing division III soccer and basketball at Kenyon College, a small liberal arts school in Gambier, Ohio, where she studied physics.

Currently a physics teacher in the Bronx, she jumped at the opportunity to return to Pelican sports when she was informed about the open position as head coach from her former basketball coach, Mr. Pitrulle.

Fee said, “I have always thought of coaching as an option but never thought it would happen this quickly. I wanted to be a coach because I really love sports and missed playing them.”

Fee’s assistant coach, Mr. Solazzo, was her former coach when she was a member of the soccer team at Pelham.

“It is definitely weird to coach with my old coach but it’s also really cool. We have known each other for a long time and I know how he is as a coach from a player’s perspective so I think that helps our dynamic,” Fee said.

So far, Fee reports that the season has been going “extremely well.” The team is currently 10-4-1.