PMHS Adds a Boys Swim Team to its Roster of Sports


Dylan Nordstrom, Sophomore

Coach Chris Drwinga prepares to lead the PMHS boys swim team.

Ryan Gregware, Junior, Staff Reporter

Seventeen years ago, a PMHS girls swim team was created. Until four weeks ago, this was the only swim team associated with Pelham. All that is about to change.

Sophomores Lance Brady and Dylan Nordstrom headed up the notion of forming a boys swim team here at PMHS. Brady came up with the idea and Nordstrom proposed it to fellow students.

Nordstrom swam with the Mamaroneck boys swim team last year because of a lack of a Pelham team. Following Brady and Nordstrom’s proposal this year, there was enough interest to form a team of their own. Nordstrom will now be able to swim for his own school with his own teammates.

“After experiencing high school swimming last year I really loved it,” Nordstrom said, “and wanted other students to get a chance to participate in it. I contacted everyone that I felt would be interested and made a list. After we presented it to Mr. Luciana, he pitched it to the superintendent and the team was added to the school budget. I was very excited when this happened as I knew the boys in Pelham would finally get a chance to swim as their own team.”

Coach Chris Drwinga, the coach of the girls team, will also be in charge of the new boys team.

Coach Drwinga said, “I’m not sure why there was never a team but I do know there have been some very talented boys who have come through the system, so I think it was just a matter of them coming together to make this thing work. It is going to be really exciting to coach the boy’s team as it finally completes Pelham’s swimming program.”

Practices will begin on November 6 at Sarah Lawrence College, marking the first ever boys swim practice in PMHS history. This new boys swim team can hopefully match the success and live up to the high standards that the girls team has put forth.