Students Go Clubbin’ at Club Fair 2021


Join the Veterinary Science Club. You won’t be barking up the wrong tree.

Zach Long, Co-News Editor, , Senior

On October 14, the area outside the front entrance of the high school was transformed into a festival of tables and posters: the annual Club Fair.

The fair had stations prepared by club members in order to attract students to join their clubs. Each group put out sign-up sheets, club information, and meeting schedules to inform students.

Last year, due to COVID, the Club Fair was virtual, instead of the annual in-person event. However, the virtual Club Fair was more of a Google Slides presentation rather than the typical loud and energetic event. Ms. Rice said, “It was wonderful to get to all be together and talk. The virtual option last year helped clubs share information about their group, but this offered the chance for dialogue and fun.”

Students were glad to return to the standard event, and they were eager to spread the importance of joining clubs, participating in interscholastic activities, and making new friends. “The Club Fair is important to get the freshman and students in other grades involved in activities outside of school and pursue something they’re passionate about,” said senior Rowan Proffitt, the co-president of Habitat for Humanity, Environmental Science, and Mental Health Awareness Clubs.

The Club Fair displays students’ passion for their extracurricular groups, and it is truly a highlight of the school year for many. Everyone can join and participate in a club right for them, and if there isn’t one, then they can create one. It is a great opportunity for students to celebrate the community.