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Steph Munn, Junior
Steph Munn, junior, is a new addition to The Pel Mel staff in 2018. Her love of words stems from writing stories in English class, and she is excited to tackle the application of writing to the real world.

Outside of school, she enjoys being with friends and riding horses. As a competitive rider, she is on the riding team at Twin Lakes Farm in Westchester County and spends a lot of her time there, weekly.

Traveling is a common activity in Steph’s life, and her favorite place to return to and spend time in is Spain. However, the most exciting place Steph has ever been to is Hawaii, where she enrolled in a summer camp and surfed the clean, blue waters of The Big Island.

Before her life as a Pelican, Steph was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia until her freshman year of high school, but has adjusted well to Pelham. She is excited to see what is to come this year as a member of the staff.

Steph Munn, Junior, Managing Editor

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