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  • November 7Pelham Alumna Alessandra Biaggi Wins State Senate Seat

  • October 31Pelican Volleyball falls to 4th seed Walter Panas in 3-2 loss

  • October 26Pelican Footballers Finish 2nd in League E, Losing to Pearl River

Stephan Akichy, Senior
Senior Stephan Akichy has joined The Pel Mel late in his high school career. However, his interest in journalism and passion for sports have made him excited for his first year on the paper.

Akichy first considered joining The Pel Mel when he was approached by supervisor, Mr. Neil Schleifer. “He said I would be a good sports writer,” said Akichy. “That got me invested in the idea of joining the school newspaper.”

Akichy spends much of his free time training and playing for the varsity boys soccer team, of which he is a captain. “(My experience with soccer) can help me work with the sports group at the newspaper,” said Akichy.

When asked what about journalism interests him most, Akichy paused. “The way that (journalists) intrigue the audience,” he said. “I want to create that same intrigue.”

Stephan Akichy, Senior, Associate Sports Editor

Oct 26, 2018
Athletes of the Issue (Story)
Oct 26, 2018
Athletes of the Issue (Story)
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