The Pel Mel


The Pel Mel has been publishing at Pelham Memorial High School since 1924. The Online Edition began publishing in 2017.

The Pel Mel strives to provide an open forum for students to voice their opinions and examine issues of importance. The staff encourages all who wish to do so to contribute. Every effort is made to maintain a balance of viewpoints that represents the student body.

The Pel Mel is the product of the Print Journalism elective. It is supplemented by members of the extracurricular newspaper club.

Readers are invited to submit opinion pieces of interest to the school, the student body, and the community at large.

The opinions expressed in such pieces are not necessarily those held by the editorial staff.

Submission of a piece does not guarantee publication. Letters must be signed and will be subject to editing for space, grammar, and factual accuracy; however all efforts will be made to preserve the writer’s intent.

Anyone wishing to respond to an article or submit a piece for consideration may do so in a letter to the editor via e-mail at [email protected]


The School Newspaper of Pelham Memorial High School