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Stephen Tahbaz
Musician, three-sport athlete, and outdoorsman, Stephen Tahbaz has written and edited for The Pel Mel for two years. His inspiration in writing comes from alums Ben Glickman and Johnny Leisman. His parents are also a great influence on his work ethic and his interest in political journalism.

When asked about his motives, Stephen paused. “I’ve always enjoyed news, I’ve always enjoyed politics and I’ve always loved writing. A job that incorporates all those things together in a way that can help benefit people’s lives is really something magical to me.”

A staff reporter for the Pelham Examiner and an avid reader of the news, Stephen likes to start every day with The New York Times and is constantly updated on the latest breaking news. As a journalist, Stephen hopes he can help the everyday lives of students at PMHS by using this creative outlet to spread the news of Pelham.

Stephen Tahbaz, Editorial Director, Senior

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Stephen Tahbaz