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Who needs a Grammy? Have a Pelly

Zach Leonard, Junior, Staff Writer

The Golden Globes… the Academy Awards… The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. The entertainment world is abuzz with the results of awards season this winter, and we at the Pel Mel feel it is important to recognize those who helped to shape American pop culture but, for one reason or another, were egregiously overlooked. We would like to present this year’s PELLY AWARDS. Here are the categories for 2017-18:

Best Short Film of the Year
Mr. Rothstein’s Senior 2017 Mannequin Challenge Graduation Video
NFL 2017 Bad Lip Reading
Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke

And the winner is:
Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement video

Biggest Loss of the Year
The shutdown of the US government,
Atlanta Falcons “choke”, blowing a 28-3 halftime lead in Super Bowl LI, and losing to the Patriots 34-28.
My chromebook — has anybody seen it lately?

And the winner is:
The senior class’ loss to the juniors in the 2017 PMHS Olympics.

The “That Was Hard To Watch” Award
The Summer 2017 Solar Eclipse
The new improved American Idol
Trump tossing Paper Towels to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

And the winner is:
The 2017 freshmen silly walk. Where were those eclipse glasses when you needed them?..

Here are some additional entries of award-worthy contenders that Pelham students would like to honor:

Album of the Year
FUTURE by Future was nominated by senior Kabir Matwani who said, “The album showed his ability to rap over diverse beats.”

Best Artist
Migos, nominated by senior Michael Goldman, “because their songs are unique.”

Worst Album
Reputation by Taylor Swift nominated by sophomore Peri Zale, “because all the songs sound the same, and it doesn’t fit her style.”

Best Film
Despicable Me 3. According to junior Joey Silva, “The movie was filled with laughs and I highly recommend watching it.”

Worst Film
The Emoji Movie. Sophomore Daniel Tahbaz, said, “I went hoping for a funny movie with witty humor, but it lacked plot, structure, and the humor was dry.”

Best TV Show
Game of Thrones. Junior Cassie Blagman, felt this show was superior, “…because it is so unpredictable. You are always on the edge of your seat, and there’s a lot of action.”

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Who needs a Grammy? Have a Pelly