Girls Golf Team Formed


Photo Courtesy of Sara Veteri

Junior Sara Veteri practices her swing.

Julia Kaplansky, Junior, Staff Reporter

A chain of events seems to be occurring here at PMHS: new sports teams have been formed one after the other. Following suit, the girls golf team was formed, and will hit the course for the first time this spring season. The boys team has hit the links, guided by Coach Roksvold for the last 21 years. Now, the girls will get their own team.

Junior Sara Veteri, a student looking to play for the new girls golf team, said, “It’s nice to finally be recognized separately as athletes.”

Sara has played with the boys since sophomore year, and the formation of this new team has drawn the attention of many girls, who have shied away from the sport.

Coach Clapp, who used to coach girls lacrosse, will now be coaching the new girls team. She has an extensive history in golf, as she played competitively 10 years ago. So far, the team has 17 girls on the roster.
Coach Clapp used to joke about creating separate girls team, considering the girls on the boys’ team would only play if another girl went. That joke has seamlessly become a reality.

“As one door closes, another door opens. I’m very excited,” said Coach Clapp.

The push for this team was sparked by an increase in girl golfers on the boys varsity team. Before, girls were only able to compete against other girls on boys teams. The team was made so that both girls and boys could hold titles under separate teams.

Junior Sara Veteri, senior Kiera Mallinson, and sophomore Catherine Taubner made the biggest push for the team and had proposed the plan to Mr. Luciana. Mr. Luciana then sat down with the board and Dr. Champ. Hopefully, the team will be a perfect addition to the spring sports season.