Mrs. Ricci Retires After 25 Years

Maria Comerford , Photography Editor, Sophomore

1993 was a year of milestones: Bill Clinton was elected president, Ariana Grande was born, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” dominated the airwaves, and Mrs. Regina Ricci began teaching at Pelham Memorial High School. In the 25 years she has been on staff, she has played a vital role in shaping the school’s education platform. This year, Mrs. Ricci taught English 9 and Writing Seminar, was Secondary Special Education Coordinator for grades six through 12, chaired the Committee on Special Education that determines services for students with IEPs and, as advisor to SA for the past twenty-one years, was involved in the success of the Olympics and Battle of the Bands. Her boundless spirit and energy have made her a role model to many for years, and it is with great sadness that we acknowledge her retirement. As the standing ovation she received at the 2018 Olympics attests, Mrs. Ricci has not only stood as an inspiration to countless students, but she is loved and appreciated by colleagues as well.

“She is known for being very approachable and easy to talk to by the students. After being a grade advisor, I appreciated her even more than before because of how much she does for the school and staff,” Mr. Codella, math teacher said.

Mr. Codella is also in the unique position, as an alumnus, to have known Mrs. Ricci as both a student and as a teaching colleague.

“When I returned here as a teacher instead of a student, it was nice to see a familiar face in Mrs. Ricci,” Codella added.

Whoever is going to replace Mrs. Ricci has some very big shoes to fill,” Mr. Finegan said. “Mrs. Ricci’s two-decades-plus year track record of hard work will never be forgotten.”

Mrs. Ricci sat down with the Pel Mel to reminisce about her time at PMHS.

“I love working in Pelham because the high school is an incredible community,”she said. “You can walk through the halls of the high school at anytime of the day or night and find teachers and students together. It doesn’t matter whether they are preparing for a play, or the Olympics or doing science research or practicing a sport. I am always impressed with the relationships between teachers and students in this building.”

Given her incredible involvement in all things Pelham, Mrs. Ricci has certainly earned a well-deserved rest. Still, that makes the parting of the ways no less bittersweet.

“I have known I would retire for the past two years,” Mrs. Ricci said. “ I love my job, but I am looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren and finding out what is next for me. I will miss the people more than anything. My amazing colleagues, terrific students and supportive administration have made my time here at Pelham an incredible journey that I will treasure forever.”

Mrs. Ricci will be dearly missed, but PMHS students will forever enjoy her great strides in uniting Pelicans and appreciate the special relationships that Ricci always made an effort to foster.