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Cafe Ammi: A Brew-tiful Treat

Caroline Franks, Senior

For those looking for a trendy and aesthetically pleasing spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the heart of Pelham, Café Ammi is the place to go. Nearly a year ago, brothers Joseph, Dominic, and Michael Ammirati and cousin TJ Taratetta introduced their delicious coffee bean-based drinks to the citizens of Pelham. Located a little bit off the beaten track at 106 Sixth Street, one’s immediate response might be, “why Pelham?” Well, there is a reason why this is the perfect location.

The brothers originally started Ammarati, an importer and distributor for espresso machines and grinders. Several local cafes and restaurants, as well as some in New York City, buy their brewing machines from this local business.

Employee Neil Stafford explained, “Within the last 10 years, a handful of people who worked next door saw the market for specialty coffee. We roast all the coffee here and focus on making pretty drinks, good coffee and having really good baked goods.”

Aside from the amazing presentation each cup of coffee offers, the design of the café is definitely refreshing for a Pelhamite. With wooden ceiling beams, a unique tiled floor, pieces of original art showcased, and a great big window to let in the natural light, Café Ammi has all the ingredients for just the right brew.

While they are only open from Wednesday to Sunday, there are plans in the works to remain open all week.

For now, Monday and Tuesday are two days dedicated to roast the beans, which adds up to nearly 1000 pounds. If you walk into the cafe, you can’t miss the big silver machine in the back or the delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. So, no need to fear! Café Ammi will help you get through your day.

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Cafe Ammi: A Brew-tiful Treat