PCRA Raises $62,000 at “Ergathon”


Courtesy of SJ O'Connor

The winning team at the “Ergathon” celebrates their victory.

All Pelham rowers were summoned to the YMCA in New Rochelle on March 18 for the Pelham Community Rowing Association’s main fundraiser of the year, the “Ergathon”. The “Ergathon” is just what it sounds like: rowers strap into an erg machine and row. It marked an historic fundraising record of a whopping $62,000. This feat was a result of the tireless effort of the rowers who raised money for the organization. Friends, parents, and grandparents were all asked to contribute.

At the “Ergathon,” every rower in the PCRA participates. Teams of 10 rowers compete to see who can erg a marathon (26.2 miles) in the shortest period of time. The winning team, including sophomore SJ O’Connor, won the race with a time of just under two and a half hours.

”The Ergathon is a great way for the program to raise money and bring everyone together,” SJ O’Connor said. “The race was really hard but the support from my team kept me going.”

The winning team received medals as well as free rowing lessons for the top fund raisers

The PCRA is comprised of the Development Team (Beginners), Race Team (Veteran youth rowers) and Master Rowers Team (Adults) which all contribute to make this fundraiser a success. The money raised is used for new equipment and to support the PCRA’s mission of making rowing accessible to everyone not only in Pelham, but in other towns as well.

Founded in 2003, the PCRA has always been devoted to giving people of all ages and skill level the opportunity to row. The “Ergathon” is an event that fosters community engagement and offers an annual upgrade for rowing equipment. This year’s “Ergathon” funds were put towards a 4-person boat, an 8-person boat, and a new set of oars.

“The “Ergathon” is an amazing team building and fundraising event that brings parents, grandparents, and all four teams closer together,” said Peter Fontanella, a rower for the PCRA, and junior at PMHS. “It helps contribute towards our goal of continuing the PCRA legacy with funds for new equipment.”

The PCRA is an organization that only keeps growing. This year’s “Ergathon” raised the most money since its beginnings, reflecting the ever growing commitment from the rowers and new coaches in the program.