Senior Athletes Commemorated at End of Year Sports Awards


Deborah Karson

Alexis Peters (r) and Sydney Shotkoski (r) were honored as 3-Sport Athletes at the Senior Sports Award Ceremony.

Charlotte Edmunds, Junior, Co-Editor-In-Cheif

Graduating athletes were recognized for their achievements at the annual Sports Awards dinner. Track runner Mateo Rivera and swimmer Maddie Hartigan were honored with the title of Male and Female Athlete of the Year.“

Alumnus Matt Landis, a three sport athlete and former PMHS athlete of the year, was keynote speaker at the event. He shared his perspective on the post-high school transition, whether it be academic athletic.

Landis played defense for Notre Dame and luckily had a “seamless” transition. However, some of his teammates did not, He highlighted the importance of working hard all the time and embracing difficulty, an idea that struck a chord with the senior athletes in attendance

Athlete of the Year:

 Male: Mateo Rivera

Female: Madison Hartigan

LHVA Award: Sydney Shotoski and Charlotte Krause

McDevitt Award: William Shelton

Symmetry AwardOlivia Imperato

Kathy Florio Award:

Female: Kiera O’Connor
Male: Luca Grammatica

Anthony Senerchia Award

Female: Julianne Argento
Male: Nick Milanese

Joeseph Delvecchio Award: Quinlan Crowley

Dennis Beberich Award:

Female: Janney Collens
Male: Bill Taubner

Travel Soccer Award:

Female: Ashley Flores
Male: Patrick Roche

Thomas Hynes Award:

Female: Anais Kelly
Male: Tony Terriciano

All State                                 

Ajdin Pelinkovic
Philip Dulock
Sean O’Brien
Nick Lapponese

All Section

Boys Lacrosse:
George Dunhill
Ben Girolamo
Quinlan Crowley

Girls Lacrosse:
Claudia Dodge
Lucy Conway

Kevin Coleman

KP Boggs

Sping Track:
Ella Stern
Lorenzo Bertuccioli
Mateo Rivera

All County

Spring Track:
Mateo Rivera
Lorenzo Bertuccioli
Charlie Miske
Nora Tahbaz
Peyton Reese
Zoe Winburn

All League

Boys Lacrosse:
Grey Allen
Christian Morfit
Tony Terraciano

Girls Lacrosse:
Delia Crotty
Helena White
Madelyn Dunbar

Johnny Liesman
Luca Grammatica (All-Section honorable mention)

Janney Collens (All-Section honorable mention)

Boys’ Tennis:
Ethan Archibald
Henry Morjikian
Cole Mackool

Boys Golf:
Jack Howard
Kieran Gilchrist

Spring Track:
Violet Massie-Vereker
Haley Wall
Morgan Sample
Grace Miske
Sarah Palmisciano

Boys’ Lacrosse:
Owen Anastas
Devin Alvarez-O’Rourke

All League Honorable Mentions

Kiera O’Connor
Sarah Guido

Boys Golf:
Aidan Bennett