Science Teacher LaRose Departs PMHS For Exciting New Experiments to Come


Katy Hart

Ms. LaRose of the science department reflects on her time at PMHS.

Katy Hart, Senior, Graphic Design Editor

AP biology and chemistry teacher, Dana LaRose, announced that she would be leaving her position during her ninth year of teaching here. LaRose’s last day at Pelham is October 26, after which she will move to a new position at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York. Recent hire Ann Stanton will take over on November 13. In the interim, Ms. LaRose’s classes will be taught by a substitute still to be determined.

“I will miss the students and families that have been so supportive and kind, the clubs I have advised, and the students who I had the opportunity to meet,” LaRose said. “Simply, I will miss Pelham.”

The impact of LaRose’s resignation was felt school-wide, especially among students with fond memories of her classroom.

“She was not only an amazing teacher, but she was a friend who you could talk to about anything,” senior Lindsay McNamara said.

Though she is sad to leave her first home as a teacher, she hopes her current students will continue on their path towards success and that her absence will not hinder their learning experience.

“I hope they see the change as an evolution, a way to adapt to a changing environment just like the world around us,” LaRose said. “I hope they take on the challenge of change and prove to themselves how successful they can be even in the face of unexpected events.”