Pelham Community Hosts First Annual Wolfs Walk


Charlotte Edmunds

Pelham kids enjoy the festivities at Wolfs Walk.

Charlotte Edmunds, Senior , Editor-in-Chief

On September 8, Pelhamites gathered to celebrate their community at the First Annual “Wolfs Walk.” This street fair, presented by the Pelham Chamber of Commerce, was created to bring the town together while showcasing local businesses and happenings. The event attracted almost 1,000 visitors who strolled through a street full of curated vendors, non-profit organizations, artists, restaurant stands, and live music.

“With Wolfs Walk we’re trying to create a new kind of street experience highlighting all the diverse restaurants and food purveyors, artists, designers, retailers, musicians, and non-profits that make our region unique,” Clayton Bushong, President of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce said.

Originally, Wolfs Walk sprouted from a community meeting, in which former president of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce Joseph Solimine discussed the possibility of bringing back Pelham farmers’ markets. Members felt Pelham was lacking new attractions, and sought to create something new.

The Pelham Chamber of Commerce’s efforts proved fruitful, and the event has already been scheduled to return next year on September 7.

“I am happy to say that I believe that [Wolfs Walk] did a lot of great and different things for our community,” Bushong said. “First, it gave the people who recently moved to town the chance to really feel a part of what it is like to live in our terrific community. Pelham has a lot to offer people and Wolfs Walk was a great reminder as to why we all moved here in the first place. I also think, on the flip side, that the event really sent a very clear message to our local businesses that there are a lot of people that are willing to spend time and money on your products if you make them available to them in a creative fun way.”

Wolfs Walk is just the first in a line-up of new community events. The Pelham Chamber of Commerce has planned a Restaurant Week from October 22-25, and foresees hosting both a spring Restaurant Week and a summer street fair on Fifth Avenue in June.