Put the “U” in “Costume” this Halloween


Daniela Christian

PMHS students are feeling groovy this Halloween season.

Ella Stern, Senior, Features Editor

As SPOOKtober comes to a close one question dawns on everyone’s mind: what to be for Halloween? Here are a few easy options for how to dress to impress this Halloween season.


Whether you know the names of every Winter Olympic athlete or just want to be an Olympian for the day, put together these items for a super easy and fun Halloween costume. For bottoms, wear a classic pair of black pants or shorts. If you’re a true patriot, American patterned leggings or shorts would add some pizazz! Couple that with your most American red, white, or blue top – or maybe one that has all three! For shoes, throw on some white kicks. Grab that random medal you won way back in 5th grade or just ask Kate Douglass for one – who cares about authenticity. To top off your costume, slip a sweatband around your head, wrist, or ankle like a true athlete. Put on your game face and head to that party; you are sure to win a gold medal in the costume competition!

70s’ HIPPY:

Everyone’s favorite decade – no, not the 1770s! The 1970s was a decade full of peace signs, boot cut jeans, and knee-high boots, all things groovy.

You are going to need these totally tubular items. Break out your boot cut jeans or knee-length jean shorts. Pair them with your favorite pair of platform sandals, Birkenstocks, or knee-high boots (if you’re bold). For the true hippy effect, cut some fringe in the bottom and attach beads. Braid your hair into pigtail French braids or put on your afro wig. Strut your stuff and practice your disco moves for the best Halloween ever!