Pelville Poaches Pat and Serves Great Coffee


Lucy Edmunds

Pelville is the community’s newest coffee hub.

Lucy Edmunds, Sophomore, Photography Editor

Former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” Though there is no evidence that Disraeli ever visited Pelham, his words hold true. Recently, the Four Corners Bakery, a staple of PMHS students, closed. However, the one constant that remains is server Pat Holt, who has landed a new position at Pelville Coffee & Pastry shop. Pat, one of many caring and kind servers, became a close friend to many of the bakery’s regular customers. Following the store’s abrupt closing, Pat began serving at Pelville, and many dedicated customers followed Pat to her new job. Now Pelville is fast becoming their new hang-out spot.

Senior Joey Silva started getting his regular morning iced coffee at Pelville only two days after Pat began working there.

“I think the food at Pelville is much better than the food that the bakery used to serve,” Silva said.

When entering Pelville, customers are greeted with a cozy, homey vibe, which makes it perfect to serve as the community’s new coffee hub. The service is outstanding, and friendly workers create a perfect ambiance at the cafe.

The cafe offers a variety of coffee, pastries, breakfast, and lunch options. Some of their most popular menu items are the Cobb salad and avocado toast.

Though many are saddened with the closing of the bakery, it seems that Pelville will now serve as a new cafe hang-out spot.