Mr. Rothstein Kicks Back and Shows Some ‘Sole’


Isabelle Anderson

Mr. Rothstein wears his custom-designed sneakers every Friday.

Lila Caminiti, Managing Editor, Sophomore

On the first day of school, returning students were greeted not only by a smiling Mr. Rothstein, but by his new pair of kicks that scream, “Pelham Pride!” Known around the school for his enthusiasm, Vice Principal Rothstein is no stranger to school spirit. The shoes, which he had custom-made by a local designer, depict many aspects of life at Pelham Memorial High School. Soccer balls, hockey sticks, and drama masks are just a few of the designs that adorn the specially-decorated Vans. The brightly-colored shoes definitely add a colorful flair to Mr. Rothstein’s back-to-school wardrobe.

“My wife gave me the Pelican shoes in late August as a surprise gift for our 10th anniversary,” said Mr. Rothstein, “She knows how much I love PMHS and she knew I would think they were amazing. Now they have become my go-to Friday shoes to show off my Pelican pride.”

Though the shoes are relatively easy to slip on, the process to make the shoes was a little harder to get into. Mr. Rothstein’s wife contacted a nearby designer with pictures taken of Pelham logos and designs, along with symbols for Pelham clubs and sports. Mr. Rothstein’s trademark greeting of “Good Morning Pelican Nation” is also included on the shoes, adding an even more personal touch. While these sneakers were a special gift for Mr. Rothstein, the Vans website allows anyone to upload their artwork and customize some fancy footwear!

Always on the lookout for amazing Pelican gear, Mr. Rothstein said, “These shoes are special because they let me show off that I’ve got Pelham in my soul — or is it in my sole?”