Pelham Welcomes New Clubs: Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club


Sarah Palmisciano

(l to r): Junior Cassie Ventura and seniors Francesca Di Cristofano and Alyssa Wong bubble over with excitement over Chemistry club.

Charlotte Edmunds, Senior, Editor-in-Chief

This year PMHS has welcomed numerous new student-created clubs and extracurricular activities. Seniors Francesca Di Cristofano, Alyssa Wong, and Caitlin Wong are among the Pelicans who founded a new organization this year with their formation of the Chemistry Club.

The club’s three presidents established this group out of their passion for chemistry.

“I realized that there were both physics and biology clubs, but chem wasn’t represented,” said Di Cristofano. “I like chemistry because everything fits together like a puzzle. There’s a logical explanation for everything. I’m hoping that this club spreads interest in chemistry so that more students try out the AP class.”

The Chemistry Club is advised by science teacher Mr. Luna. Di Cristofano and the Wongs will devise mini-lessons and demonstrations on different topics to share with members each meeting.

“I think that (chemistry) is important to learn because knowing what happens at the molecular level can help us understand the world around us in different ways than studying physics or biology can,” Di Cristofano said.

For any student interested in becoming a part of Chemistry Club, meetings will be held every Monday in Room 251.