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Makerspace Has Second Birthday

Lena Massaregli, Senior, Staff Reporter

The Makerspace celebrates its second anniversary on December 21. It is the main part of the school’s STEAM program. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. It is dedicated to giving students opportunities to use various tools and express their creativity through building and craft projects. After a slow start at the beginning of the year where, due to some budgetary restrictions, staffing was reallocated, the Makerspace has reopened for business. It has even expanded to include a Makerspace club.

The Makerspace is currently open five periods: one, two, three, five and nine, but Principal Jeannine Clark is working to staff the Makerspace so it can remain open throughout the day. In spite of some limited availability, the Makerspace has become one of PMHS’ programs where students have put their creative abilities to the test.

Last year Makerspace Challenges took place once a quarter, and science research teacher Mr. Beltecas is working on starting these up again. These challenges are ways to turn ordinary objects around you into an invention of your own. At one of the competitions last year, a student turned a pair of jeans into an over the shoulder bag to help carry around their belongings. As long as students continue to think innovatively, there is no limit to what the next “big thing” to come out of the Makerspace will be.

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Makerspace Has Second Birthday