Girls Hockey Team Formed


Tess Brogan

The newly formed team hits the ice for the first time together.

Pelhamites know that ice hockey is a popular sport around here! For a long time, however, only boys were given the chance to participate in it. Recently, Pelham Memorial High School has decided to join a girls’ ice hockey team made up of student-athletes from Section 1 schools. Many girls have been pushed onto club teams because their school or town lack a girls team. These club teams which, for some girls, are the only option, can require travelling impractical distances.

The team, brainstormed by Tess Brogan, the Clarkstown North High School Athletic Director, will begin to compete this winter. Brogan said that the program is intended to help girls “develop and grow as hockey players and young adults in an environment that is positive, structured, respectful, and kind.”

There will be two teams, separated into players from Rockland and Westchester. Other counties or players wishing to participate in the program will absorb into one of the teams depending on location.

An ice time was held to evaluate the players at the Ice Hutch on Sunday, November 11. The season started that week, and will continue throughout the winter season. Practices will be held between many rinks, including the Ice Hutch, Hommocks, Brewster Ice Arena, Sport-O-Rama, and the rink at the Palisades Mall.

PMHS freshman Eileen Mazzaro hopes to take part in the team. Mazzaro spent her time playing ice hockey on a boys’ team until Mamaroneck established a girls team. Girls in Section 1 whose opportunities have been compromised because there hasn’t been a girls team are ecstatic for this change.

“I’m really excited because they are really making a leap to get everyone to do what they want to do,” Mazzaro said.

Most feel that there won’t be any problems sharing ice time between the boys and girls, because rinks have been very generous in lending ice time to the up and coming team. The hope is that in the future, these teams could develop into a complete varsity sport, and Section One could finally play in girls’ varsity leagues.