New Boys Basketball Coach


Lucy Edmunds

Coach Courtien plays defense in practice.

Ryan Gregware, Senior, Sports Editor

After an impressive twenty-one year run, Mr. Finegan has stepped down as the boys varsity basketball head coach. In his time as head coach, Finegan won four league championships and was a three-time Coach of the Year. After taking over as president of the teachers’ union last year, Finegan felt that being the head coach along with running Lower Hudson Volleyball Association was too time-consuming. He will switch roles with Mark Courtien, who has been the team’s assistant coach for the past two years.

This change will allow Finegan to still be around the team, while not having to attend every practice. Courtien previously headed the JV team. Courtien is a Pelham alumnus who scored over 1000 points during his time at Pelham.  After high school he continued his basketball career in college, playing four years at Hunter College.

Mr. Finegan is looking forward to seeing Courtien take this opportunity.

“Mr. Courtien was the best basketball player that I ever coached, and I feel that it was fitting that he took over for me as head coach. We have very similar philosophies, and have spent a lot of time in recent years talking about strategy and how to deal with certain issues. I think he is going to dive into this opportunity and be very successful,” Finegan said.

After going 11-9 last season, there is optimism that the team will improve this year.

Mr. Courtien said, “Mr. Finegan has been a big help in this transition. He was the head coach here for over twenty years, so he’s pretty much seen it all. The biggest piece of advice he has given me going into this season is that I need to establish a culture with the players. Beyond X’s and O’s, it has to mean something to play varsity basketball at PMHS, so establishing a culture and getting the players to buy into it is key”.

Due to the coaches’ close relationship, this transition has been seemingly easy as both agree on the importance of prioritizing the team’s success.