Roving Reporter — What Do Athletes Do In Between Sports Seasons?

“I go to the gym multiple times each week and always switch up my workout routine. Some days I focus on cardio and others a lot more on strength.”
– Grayce Cooper, Junior

“I play club lacrosse during the winter to develop my skills and stay in shape. I also go to the gym if I ever feel I need an extra workout.”
– Ben Morfit, Junior

“I have a Peloton bike in my basement so I try to use it every day. The classes are really fun and the bike makes it easy to do a lot of exercise in a short amount of time.”
– Sidney Skop, Senior

“Right now I’m going to winter lacrosse practices during the week, working on wall ball at my house, and then going to the gym a few times a week as well.”
– Cole Keough, Sophomore