Students Make History in PMHS History Bowl Competition


Photo courtesy of Mr. Sirico

PMHS History Bowl teams prepare for the next question in one of the final rounds of the History Bowl competition.

Meghan Stevens, Senior, Clubs Editor

In a town with such rich history, Pelham students and faculty alike have embraced their historical roots by putting their knowledge to the test. On December 11, lovers of history, trivia, and competition gathered in Alumni Hall to face off in the annual Rho Kappa History Bowl. The school-wide event was hosted by the Rho Kappa Honor Society (which recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies) and moderated by Mr. Sirico. The trivia competition featured sixteen teams of competitors split up into four rooms, with the winners of each advancing to the semifinals.

“The History Bowl is a fun event to look forward to every year. My friends and I have competed since freshman year, and really enjoy being a part of the competition,” senior Sophia McSpedon said.

After the semifinals, the competition boils down to two teams who battle it out for first place. In the final round, the Goon Platoon, comprised of seniors Ben Glickman, Daniel Bernstein, Dylan Gurl, James Hupprich, Jack Cardwell, and Johannes Riehl, claimed victory over the freshman squad, Prehistoric Predators, composed of Sachet Jain, Stephen Liaskos, Mark Tarazi, Viren Maira, and Eric Soderberg.

“This event was a great success this year due in part to the Rho Kappa members who seamlessly ran the event. The PTA helped fund the food and drink for the event. The Administration supports this competition by giving us access to the classrooms and Alumni Hall after school. Our custodial staff also helps set up and take down tables and chairs for the snack break. It is an all-inclusive school community event and has become an annual tradition that I hope to continue for many years to come,” Mr. Sirico said.