What Every LOL Means

Ellie O’Sullivan, Staff Reporter, Freshman

Think about the last time you’ve read a guide on teen slang and the translations of the acronyms. It’s most likely that your answer was “never”, or if you have then the definitions were probably from circa 2008. As a serious journalist, I will bring this issue to light. This is front page news we’re talking about here! If answers to this compelling issue are what you seek, then look no further, because you have found them right here!

LOL: Little Order of Lemons – This acronym was created by professional lemon buyers and sellers who were wasting too much time with words asking for the amount of lemons that they needed. Next time you go to the farmer’s market, make sure to go to the lemon stand and ask for a “LOL” and they should completely understand what you mean.

OMG: Obliterate My Grade point average (GPA)- Students who aren’t exactly thriving in terms of their grades say “OMG”. They’re doing so poorly in school that they just need to remove any sign of their grades from the transcript. In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re a high school student, just send this in an email to your guidance counselor and they’ll immediately understand.

IDK: Icelandic Demons will Kill! – Only the people who use this know about the *highly confidential* nuclear meltdown in Iceland that caused high radiation levels resulting in radioactive box-trolls that are insanely aggressive.

SMH: Sometimes My kids have Homework – To be quite honest this isn’t real, but it was a term coined by Moms of Pelham who don’t really get the teen slang thing. It’s supposed to mean that their children are very busy because of their homework. At least they’re trying their best!

ILY: Infant-Like Youths – This term is used in high school or college to describe students lacking in maturity. Sadly, in some cases, it does not apply to freshmen but to seniors.