Keep Your Heart Warm in the Wintertime


Photo by Charlotte Edmunds

Seniors Sidney Skop and Madelyn Dunbar enjoy a s’mores hot chocolate from Slave to the Grind.

Charlotte Edmunds, Senior, Editor-in-Chief

Winter in New York: it may look nice in Hallmark Christmas movies, but the reality is several months of shivering, polar-fleece gloves, down jackets, and borderline frostbite. These long, cold months leave many Pelicans wistfully dreaming of sunny beaches. However, even if that tropical vacation is out of your reach, there are many inexpensive, easy ways to escape the snow and stay warm this winter.

Nothing can cure the cold quite like hot chocolate. If you just can’t seem to warm-up, take a drive over to Bronxville to visit the coffee shop Slave to the Grind and order a peppermint or s’mores hot chocolate. Not only do these piping hot drinks complete with whipped cream taste amazing, but they will also make your chills vanish in an instant.

”Slave’s s’mores hot chocolate has graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows on top. The idea of getting one actually makes me look forward to winter,” senior Claudia Dodge said.

If you’re in desperate need of more than a seasonal treat, take a nearby retreat to Spa Castle in College Point, New York. This hidden escape consists of spa pools and multiple saunas that focus on relaxing the mind and body. This twenty-five minute trip to the exotic borough of Queens works for people on a budget: weekday admission is $40 and $50 on the weekends.

For those of us who are busy and don’t have a full day to dedicate to escaping the dreary weather, there’s still a way to bring back those summer pool days. Grab some friends and head to the New Rochelle YMCA during family-swim (times are detailed on the organization’s website under aquatics). An indoor pool may not feel exactly the same as jumping in under the sun, but with some imagination, you can pretend it’s July instead of January.

Winter can be rough, but try to enjoy it! Soon enough, it’ll be 100 degrees and you’ll be wishing for some snow!