EPOP: Senior Michael Salama Starts His Own Educational YouTube Channel

PMHS Senior Michael Salama Runs Successful Youtube Channel


Salama’s YouTube channel makes learning fun for young children across the globe.

Bernadette Russo, Associate Editor-in-Chief, Junior

YouTube has slowly taken over the entertainment industry. One of PMHS’ own, senior Michael Salama, is among the many that use the website as an outlet to educate. In 2011, Salama, along with his two brothers, Jordan and Jonathan, used their passion for music to create “The Lulus,” a children’s channel that entertains through song. With over 196 million views in total and 324,000 subscribers, the account has gained popularity rapidly since its creation. The channel’s Spanish counterpart, “Los Lulus en Espanol,” also has public attention, with over 64 million total views and 217,000 subscribers.

“The Lulus” produce nursery rhymes and educational videos, such as phonetic songs  and those about reading and writing. Some of their video series include “Letter of the Day” songs, and “The Finger Family Song,” where they sing about topics like farm animals or pets. The brothers gained inspiration for their content through popular children’s group, the Wiggles.

“We loved the Wiggles and thought that YouTube doesn’t have a lot of kids stuff and thought we could do that,” Salama said.

The channel launched with their rendition of popular children’s song, “The Wheels on the Bus.” Two years after the upload date, the video had 1 million views. Eventually hitting 15 million views in the following years, the Salama brothers monetized their channel through advertisements and increased their uploading frequency. The song eventually hit 51 million views, still standing as their most viewed video on the platform.

Along with YouTube, The Lulus also have a website (lulustv.com), and Facebook and Twitter accounts both under the handle @TheLulusTv. With the brothers taking different paths in school, their uploading schedule during the year is sporadic, but uploads during the summer are more consistent. The channel plans to continue uploading videos and still stands as one of the most successful children’s educational media platform on YouTube.