Class of 2019 — The “Class of the Century” — Holds Cent-sational Talent Show


Photo by Maria Comerford

Don’t stop them now! The seniors gather on stage for the final act of the 2019 talent show.

Maria Comerford, News Editor, Junior

As the third quarter of the school year began for the class of 2019, so did their rigorous preparations for the annual senior talent show. The talent show is a highly anticipated event at PMHS that helps seniors raise money for their prom in late June. The show consists of musical performances, as well as skits that “roast” the teachers and play upon familiar aspects of student life here at PMHS. This year’s seniors began rehearsing on January 3, meeting twice a week until production week, when they met every day. Tickets were sold for $20, and the auditorium filled up quickly on the nights of February 8 and 9 with eager audience members.

Every year, the senior class builds the show around a theme. Since Pelham Memorial High School was founded in 1919, this year’s graduating class decided to capitalize on this date, making their talent show theme, “Class of the Century,” in honor of the 100th anniversary of the construction of the school.

The seniors kicked off the show with an impersonation of assistant principal Mr. Rothstein, played by Henry Driesen, parodying the daily announcements and reminding us, once again, how much “our voice matters.”

Some of the most popular skits of the night included “The Life of Moskowitz,” written by Jennifer Bell, Ascensy Perez, Lauren Kuster, and Isabel Kenny, “Gym Teacher Therapy Group,” written by Jennifer Bell and Elizabeth Walters, and “English Teacher Jeopardy,” written by Sam Rodd, Ben Glickman, and Henry Driesen. These skits left the crowd laughing as they watched their peers impersonate their favorite faculty members.

Not only did the senior class prove their comedic abilities, but they also displayed their musical talents. The duo of Michael Salama on guitar and Sam Rodd on vocals performed The General by Brad Corrigan, Pete Heimbold, and Chad Urmston. Kathryn Fugazy sang Hostage by Billie Eilish, Violet Massie-Vereker performed Archie, Marry Me by Molly Rankin and Alec O’Hanley, and Nora Tahbaz and Michael Salama presented Take Me Home, Country Roads by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver. All of these performances added a musical flair to the show.

The talent show proved to be a true success for the senior class, their hardworking advisors Mr. Luna and Mr. Schembari, and for Mr. Totillo, who helped to direct and organize the performance.

“Not only was the feedback positive, but behind the scenes everyone had fun and got along. Events like these really give [us] a chance to see how cohesive this class is. Seeing people who don’t usually work together collaborating like this is a success within itself,” Mr. Schembari said.