Pelicans Join International Walkout for Global Warming Awareness


Charlotte Edmunds

(l to r) Sophomores Nate Bloom, Natalia Cherner, Aiden Levy, and Stevie Gristina take to the streets to protest climate change.

Steph Munn, Junior , Managing Editor

The global phenomena of student activism swept through PMHS on March 15, when students joined activists in various international cities to take a stance on climate change. Students followed the lead of 16-year-old Swedish native Greta Thunberg, who made headlines in 2018 for striking in front of the Swedish Parliament to protest climate change.

Her activism, inspired by the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, led to a global youth movement that aims to enforce a resolution from the agreement: to stop the world from heating up to more than two degrees warmer than the globe during the Industrial Era. The 175 parties involved initially intended to uphold the resolution. However, many believe that no substantial steps have been taken.

In Pelham, the strike was led by sophomore Nate Bloom. Local environmental groups EcoPel and Pelham Eliminates Plastic (P.E.P.) showed support as well. Some community members were concerned about students missing class time for the protest, questioning its effectiveness. Nonetheless, over 100 students walked out of class in support.

“This walkout was a small part of [the movement],” Bloom said. “We really wanted people to report on it…because a lot of people don’t even know that [climate change is] such a pressing issue.”

During the event, P.E.P. speakers Violet Massie-Vereker, a senior, and sophomores Giovanna Vitale, Nadine Leesang, and Brett Bober called the student body to action. This involved encouraging participants to call their local representatives, and read out scripted statistics on how climate change affects New York citizens, demanding that politicians take action by drafting bills and supporting the Green New Deal.

“While the crisis should be treated as a global emergency, it’s kicked to the bottom of our nation’s priority list,” Massie-Vereker said.

NYS Senator and PMHS alumna Alessandra Biaggi also made an appearance to pledge her support. Spurred on by the success of their activism, PMHS students will continue to advocate for environmental causes.