PMHS Students & Alum Form Venture Scouts of Pelham


Photo courtesy of Brendan Jones

(l to r): Alumni Ben Jones, Pelham resident Lindsey Jade Marsigliano, seniors Max Giantelli, Ciara Lawless, and sophomore Sanjay Seecharran have taken scouting to the next level with their outdoor group.

Steph Munn, Junior , Managing Editor

Pelicans take advantage of their free time by exploring new interests and hobbies. Some of those with a love for the outdoors have been following their passion by participating in venturing. The Pelham Venturers are part of a co-ed branch of the Boy Scouts that connect adventure-loving 14 to 21 year-olds. Groups of adolescents, under the supervision of an adult, research, plan, and partake in exciting activities and trips.

Venturers’ connection with the Boy Scouts of America gives them access to the Scouts’ camping sites, such as the one in Putnam County. This gives them a place to stay when they hike at Breakneck Ridge and the Blue Mountain Reservation. Venturers often go to Block Island, Rhode Island, on biking trips. Members of venturing crews also have the option of planning high adventure out-of-state trips. Some have even traveled to New Mexico for hiking.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s very outdoorsy and involved, so it would be a great experience to learn more about the outdoors and camping,” senior Kim Rosell, a Pelham venturer, said.

Although many of this group’s events entail exercise, athleticism is not a requirement for venturing. Since the crew decides on the activities together, venturers can mold the activities to their specific interests. Expeditions can range from a trip to an arcade to a sailing expedition. The options are limitless.

“It’s been a really good opportunity to make new friends and do really cool, interesting things you never thought you’d end up doing,” crew leader Brendan Jones, a senior, said.

Currently, the group consists of mostly seniors who hope to start outdoor clubs next year at their respective universities. The group is looking for new members, especially underclassmen, to join.

If you are interested, email [email protected] for more information.