News Update: Cell Phone Tower Across From Middle and High School Buildings is Discontinued


Ben Glickman, Senior , Editor-in-Chief

In an update to a story that appeared earlier, (“Possible Pelham Cell Phone Tower Gets Poor Reception by Community”, Volume XCIV,  Issue 2,  Page 1) state Assembly member Amy Paulin released a letter by Crown Communications announcing that they will be “discontinuing development” of a cell phone tower at Exit 9 of the Hutchinson River Parkway, located adjacent to the Pelham Middle School and Pelham Memorial High School. Crown Communications will be reviewing alternative locations for the planned 130-foot cell phone monopole.

The original proposal faced fierce opposition from multiple Pelham groups. Mayors Michael Volpe and Jennifer Monachino Lapay of the Village of Pelham and the Village of Pelham Manor, respectively, and Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Champ and the Board of Education wrote letters of opposition to the Department of Transportation.

“I called the commissioner of the Department of Transportation and let him know that there was a lot of concern,” Paulin said.