Red Carpet Looks Recreated


Matt Reynolds, Junior, Staff Reporter

This past awards season celebrities sported some eccentric looks on the red carpet. These red-carpet looks are often the product of high-end stylists and top-dollar designers. In celebration of the upcoming junior and senior proms, The Pel Mel asked junior Philip Dulock to try his best to recreate the hottest dresses of the season as inexpensively as possible. However, Dulock was confined to using only materials in his house to construct these outfits. The Pel Mel graded on a scale from 1-10 as to how well he produced the dress.

The first dress Dulock attempted was Sandra Oh’s dress from the 2019 Golden Globes. He kept it simple for this one – all he used was toilet paper. More specifically, he used an entire roll of toilet paper. He did a great job of creating of the dress. If you’re only using toilet paper to make a dress then you better be on a roll, otherwise your design will go right down the drain. The dress was a little too bland, and we doubt it would stand the test of being caught in a thunderstorm. Because of this, The Pel Mel awarded him a 7.4/10.

Finally, Dulock put his own spin on Jennifer Lopez’ dress from the 2019 Academy Awards. Using aluminum foil as a base, he recreated J-Lo’s iconic mirror dress. Although this was Dulock’s best dress, he couldn’t receive a perfect score because he ran out of aluminum foil and couldn’t finish the sleeves of the dress. You could say that his plans were foiled. Due to lack of preparation and the inability to perform well under the pressure, Philip received a score of 9.1/10.