Pelham Students Get it “Write” — Student Writers Recognized

Commended Writers and Pelham Big Read Competition Winners Honored

Alyssa Purcea, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

On May 20, PMHS celebrated 26 talented Pelicans’ skills and imagination. These commended writers are students who submitted exemplary work and were recognized by teachers for their talents. At the event, students were able to showcase the hard work and effort they put into their writing, and could even share their pieces with family, friends, and teachers at an open mic.

Earlier this year, the Pelham Big Read announced a school-wide contest open to any PMHS student to have the opportunity to get their writing published in an Amazon eBook. The contest was to read the book All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and write a 500-2000 word short story based off of the legend or the gem that the book centers on. On April 30, sophomores Molly Terraciano, Isabella Louro, and Sofia Cedeno were chosen as the contest winners. Their pieces were published alongside other commended writers, and their writing was published in an Amazon eBook.

The commended writers are freshmen Jonathan White, Caroline Michailoff, Angelic Menzel, Viren Maira, and Mikaela Lavendaro, sophomores Vikram Jallepalli, Sophia Leung, Nevan Malwana, Noah Breskin, Sara Almo, Calvin Hoeh, Dale Martin, Zoe Winburn, Giovanna Vitale, Daniela Christian, Aiden Levy, Katherine D’Angelo, Sofia Tahan, and Alyssa Purcea, juniors Emmie Kelly and Lukas Glist, and seniors Arden Neu and Katy Hart.

Students were commended for senior projects, poems, memoirs, and short stories, providing a wide variety of writing that truly encompassed the spirit of the event. Despite many of the works being done for a certain class, the students’ talent and creativity proved to push the limits set by assignment guidelines and stand out from the ordinary.