Seniors in Orchestra, Band and Chorus Celebrate Their Final Performances


Pelham’s senior musicians took their final curtain call this spring. We celebrate their talent and hope they will continue to keep music as a part of their lives moving forward.

Lucy Edmunds
Senior orchestra members performing in their final concert at Pelham were (top row, l to r): Meredith Kuster, John-Howard Bissell, Olivia Ting, Sophia McSpedon, Nora Tahbaz, and Ricardo Cui, as well as (bottom row, l to r): Tara Matz, Daniella Cherner, Erin Cohen, and Lauren Kuster.
Lucy Edmonds
Performing at their final band concert were the following seniors: (top row l to r): Richard Che, John-Howard Bissell, Elias Salmeron, Roger Geaniton, Dylan Gurl, Benjamin Glickman, Jack Morrell, and Michael Salama; (bottom row l to r): Daniella Cherner, Katy Hart, Grace Miske, Peyton Rees, Caitlin Wong, Alyssa Wong, and Sarah Ellenbogen.
Lucy Edmonds
Singing for their final chorus concert are (top row, l to r): Violet Massie-Vereker, Elias Salmeron, Gabe Sucena, Michael Salama, Bennett Safsel, Jack Hopkins, and Jack Morrell. (middle row, l to r): Elise Aronson, Zoe Casey, Julia Figueiredo,
Pallavy Franco, Madeline Bryce, Julia Plourde, Isabel Kenny, and Angelica Samuel. (bottom, l to r): Ashley Montiel, Maggie Solimine, Kathryn Fugazy, Athena Woodfin, Jen Bell, and Ariana Vasquez.