A Message from Senior Class Advisor Mr. Schembari


Lucy Edmunds

Senior Class Advisor Mr. Schembari sends his best wishes for success to the class of 2019.

When I first signed on as the advisor to the class of 2019, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard great things about the class from faculty members who had already spent time with them but they have far exceeded any expectations I had back in the fall of 2015! The past four years have flown by, but the memories that we created as a class will stay with me. I have gotten to know most of them on an individual basis through events like Olympics, Haunted House, Talent Show, and Silly Walk practices. I have even had the privilege of getting to teach many of them some of the secrets of the universe – those countless hours we spent together never felt like work to me, but rather opportunities to build amazing relationships with some of the finest people I have had the chance to interact with. I just want to say congratulations on this monumental day for the class of 2019. Graduating from high school is a huge achievement, but now it is time to embark on a new adventure. No matter where life may take them, they should remember to always stay humble, work hard, dream big, and never underestimate the importance of being nice to one another, a trait that I have seen time and time again from each and every one of them. I thank them for being the thoughtful and ambitious people I have known them to be. Being their advisor has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. Go out there and do the big things I know you are destined to do.