Point/Counterpoint: The Importance of Keeping in Touch With High School Friends

Con: Move on & Make New Friends

Madison Popovic, Editorial Director, Junior

The past refers to a time prior to the present. People fear that letting go of the past will be similar to letting a piece of who they are go. However, it is a better idea for people to create a future that is not influenced by the past. Many seniors face the same dilemma and ask, “Should I remain in contact with my friends from high school?” College is meant to be a new start, and a new beginning. It is imperative for students to view college as such and to see high school as a valuable chapter that must remain in the past. The beauty of moving forward is that the past does not need to follow one to a university. It is time to cut the ties of the past and begin a new chapter due to the limitless possibilities of the future.

Many may feel obligated to remain connected with friends. Gil Hasson, a teacher and writer for TheJournal.ie, an online newspaper, said, “Friendships are often driven by what we think of as duty; there’s a sense of loyalty and we feel obliged to be friends with some people. We feel guilty – that we’re doing something wrong – if we let go.” One’s loyalty may be a factor which prevents one from cutting the ties to the past. Alongside this, new friends allow for many to leave behind past mistakes. Chelsey Lynn, Ph.D student and writer for Bolde, an online magazine, said, “Sometimes our oldest friends can be constant reminders of the darkest days of our lives… you…do not want to keep reliving that time in your life.” The past can postpone one from pursuing a promising future. Many endure a plethora of unfortunate experiences that may be associated with a few select friends. Therefore, it would be of great importance to not carry those peers along for the future due to the constant reminder of the past. Arton Goldsmith, a psychotherapist and writer for Psychology Today, said, “I don’t think you can completely erase your painful experiences, but I know that you can put them in a place in your mind so that you can continue onward with life.” The past is ingrained in one’s life but should not dominate and completely define the future.

The past is an important part of one’s life as it molds one into the person that is prepped for the future. However, if the past is not released then it becomes impossible for a person to grow into who they are supposed to become. Despite the reasons to leave past friendships and much more in the past, there are a few that may oppose this. It is understandable to cling onto a past that allowed for success, but the past will hold many back from greatness.

As many students are about to embark on their new endeavors, it is valuable to leave the past behind and view it as a building block to the future. It should be defining, but not a hindrance on the future.