Seniors: What to Do With Your Last Six Weeks in Pelham

Ellie O'Sullivan, Staff Reporter, Freshman

Even though graduation signifies a figurative ending to childhood, you still have one last chance to be a kid for the final six weeks that you have before college, so spend them right!

Create a personal scavenger hunt: plant clues around town that have to do with your upbringing there, then create a map! In order to figure out each clue, solve a small puzzle about your different experiences.

Go on a memorable road trip with friends: all you need is a map and a car. Don’t be afraid if things go off track, because sometimes the unexpected adventures that happen during the journey are better than the destination.

Solve a town mystery: look through old records in the town hall and find one. Perhaps form your own mystery gang in order to solve it! Simply find a talking dog and rent an old van to drive about the town.

Don’t just read a book, write one: buy a couple of cheap journals and write your own stories and give them to your friends and family as a way for them to keep you near them once you’ve gone off to school. Be sentimental, and name the chapters things like “How I Met …..,” “How I/You Got My/Your Nickname,” “That Time I/You Was There for You/Me.” Everybody has a story — share yours with a friend.

Enjoy NYC: you’ve lived near the city your whole life, why not explore it with a friend? Do a Broadway theme night. For that friend who’s a bit of a troublemaker, see WICKED. For that friend who’s a little cold, take in FROZEN. For that friend who’s amazing, inside and out, see BEAUTIFUL. Finally, take your prom date to THE PROM.