Pelham Plus Publisher Maggie Klein to Retire


Photo courtesy of Maggie Klein

Publisher Maggie Klein will be retiring as of December 31.

After 27 years as a local news publisher, Maggie Klein has decided to retire. The Pelham Plus website will cease operation as of December 31.

Klein has had a rich history in the field of journalism, having spent seven years as a journalist with The Associated Press and then 20 years with Reuters. She was recognized as the Pelham Civics Person of the Year in 2000 and was also the recipient of the Pelham Board of Education’s Thomas B. Fenlon Award.

Ms. Klein has loved keeping the community informed but has decided to retire the paper because she felt the time was right.

The Pelham Weekly was created in 1992 and transitioned into a website format in 2015 in order to provide an accessible paper. She aimed to create a fair paper, one that did not include editorials and appealed to all while providing an honest source of information.

Her favorite aspect of journalism was chasing down information, writing or editing the story, and getting it out so that lots of other people knew about it. She takes great pride knowing that some would never have known about a story if she hadn’t brought it to print. There were many people involved in the paper to make it what it is today, and she is especially grateful to her subscribers, the many people who have worked on the paper’s staff, and to the community at large.