Silver Anniversary Pelham School District Staff Celebrate 25 Years of Hard Work

Asia Bertuccioli, Staff Reporter - Junior

This year, three PMHS staff members are proudly celebrating their 25 year anniversary working at the high school. Mr. Alfredo Velasco, Mr. Maurizio Santini, and Mrs. Maria Carovillano are three crucial members of our school community.

Mr. Velasco and Mr. Santini are custodians and have been a core part of keeping the school running smoothly year-round for the past 25 years. They describe Pelham as a place where everyone is nice to one another and where a pleasant working environment is present.

Mr. Velasco, Mr. Santini and the whole custodial team work tirelessly throughout the school year and summer, but in the end, it’s all worth it to them.

“It’s like a home. I live here more than I do at home and people here are like my family,” Mr. Velasco said.

Although Mr. Santini enjoys working here, he hopes to return to his home in Italy in the coming years after having lived in the United States for more than 30 years. Mr. Velasco, on the other hand, hopes to continue his work in Pelham and grow his landscaping business. They both agree that working in Pelham is more than just a job.

“What we love most is the appreciation and thanks we receive from the teachers when they come back from the summer break,” Mr. Velasco said.

Mrs. Carovillano has always been a Pelham resident, and had two sons graduate from PMHS. She works in the superintendent’s office. Through her many years of working there, the most important quality she has learned is to always treat everyone who comes in or calls with professionalism, understanding, and respect. She praises Pelham as a place where students are always cordial and teachers constantly work hard.

“I love the people I interact with on a daily basis, everything about my job I love,” Mrs. Carovillano said.