Lieggi Elected School President


Bernadette Russo

As the newly elected school president, senior Nicholas Lieggi looks forward to insuring that students’ voices are heard.

Bernadette Russo, Editor-in-Chief, Senior

Marking the start of a new academic year, senior Nicholas Lieggi is ready to bring about big change to PMHS as the newly elected school president. As a member of the Student Association (SA), Lieggi intends to make the school feel like a safe place for Pelicans to let their voices be heard, a goal that inspired his decision to run for a school-wide position rather than grade-wide.

Lieggi said, “[I want to] increase the input of the general student body in the daily decisions made by the SA and expand student voice in decisions made by the administration.”

Nick has been involved in student government since his beginnings at PMHS. He was elected class senator in his freshman year, as well as school vice president during his junior year. Lieggi is well-equipped, experienced, and ready to put the good of the school on his back.

“[SA] means a great deal to me. It means that the students are going to have a genuine, real voice in the workings of the administration and in issues that will affect their daily lives. I feel that a student government, at its very core, means that, without student input, we can have no administration,” Lieggi said.

Outside of student government, Lieggi is a member of the Forensics Speech team, Model UN, and is the managing editor for the Pelham Examiner.