Pelham Reads! Brings ‘Hidden Figures’ Out Into The Open

Lila Caminiti, Managing Editor, Junior

During the week of October 5, students, parents and residents of Pelham had the chance to be a little star-struck as they were encouraged to participate in Pelham Reads! All were encouraged to read the critically-acclaimed, true story Hidden Figures. The historical novel is the focus of the biannual event, a town-wide happening in which Pelhamites are encouraged to come together and read one common book. The event is hosted by the Pelham Library, but sponsors include the Pelham Arts Center and The Pelham Picture House.

Hidden Figures, written by Margot Lee Shetterly, focuses on the women of color who were a vital part of putting the first man on the moon, and boasts not only a devoted fan base, but an award-winning film adaption. The critically acclaimed book and movie are instrumental in helping to educate students about the importance of women in STEM. It also shines a light upon many crucial scientists who would have gone unrecognized had it not been for the book’s publication and success.

“We were initially inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20. We knew there would be a lot of interest in the space this summer. We thought we could build on this interest and also show that there is more to the story than just science and male astronauts; there are also historical, social, gender aspects to be discussed,” Elizabeth Wagner, chair of the event, said.

Among the activities that took place were a coding class for younger students on, as well as a Women in Science forum, held by Mrs. Cirillo. A scientific demonstration was also hosted by Mr. Beltecas at the kick-off event on October 5, as well as a Math Bee run by Ms. DeCiglio. Student volunteers were vital to Pelham Reads! this year, as they helped the various events run smoothly. Pelham Reads! was a week loaded with learning and fun.