The Next Generation of Voters Gets Ready to Participate in the Electoral Process


Mr. Schleifer

(l to r): Seniors Julia O’Neil and Anna Shampanier-Bowen register student voters outside the auditorium.

In January, a bill concerning young voters was passed in hopes of improving voter turnout. The Voter Empowerment Bill states that as of 2020, minors of sixteen and seventeen-year-olds will be allowed to pre-register to vote. This bill allows for a more efficient voter registration process by ensuring that when students turn eighteen, they will be allowed to vote right away without having to wait to register.

As seniors start to register to vote for next year’s primary election and this year’s early voting, many students will start to realize just how much their voice and opinion actually do matter.

Allowing younger voters to get a head start on the democratic process will ensure that they have enough experience and exposure to different perspectives, so that when they are ready to vote, they will be able to make well-educated decisions and be able to positively impact the democratic process.