Pel Mel Critics’ Corner

Music Review: Taylor Swift’s Lover

Sofia Cedeño, Staff Reporter, Junior

After much anticipation, Taylor Swift has finally released her most recent studio album, titled Lover. Departing from the tone of her previous studio album, Reputation, which showcased Swift’s more confident and outgoing side, Lover is a nice change of pace in Swift’s music career. While she is widely notorious for writing songs based on exes and people who have “wronged” her, Lover focuses on true love, different types of relationships, and self reflection.

The album has mixed reviews amongst fans: some say it has a better sound and creative flow than previous albums, while others believe it’s boring and similar to all of the music produced now. After taking a deep dive into the album myself, I can definitely see both sides of the argument.

Songs like “The Man” and “Cruel Summer” are easy listens with a deeper meaning, whereas songs such as “Me!” featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco and “You Need to Calm Down” are lyrically dull and childlike. When comparing lyrics like “I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man,” from “The Man”, a song about female empowerment and strength, to, “Hey kids, spelling is fun!” in “Me!” a song with barely any detectable meaning, it’s clear to see the inconsistency in Swift’s lyrics. It’s disappointing to listen to strong songs like “Cornelia Street”, telling a story of a past love, only to later hear basic ones like “Paper Rings”, where she sings, “I love shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings,” on queue.

The best songs on the album are “Soon You’ll Get Better”, featuring the Dixie Chicks, “The Man”, and “London Boy” because of their deeper lyrical meanings, different sounds, and energetic vibes. Prior to Lover, Swift’s song production in previous albums was top-caliber, but the sound tended to be on electro-pop side, which can get dull after multiple listens. However, in this album, the sound manages to stay interesting, surprising listeners with each song.

Taylor Swift’s older albums dominated the charts. After her departure from the kind of album that Reputation was, it seems like Swift has been trying to achieve the success that 1989 experienced; it being her most commercially successful album.

Overall, Lover is an impressive change of pace for Taylor Swift. Although some songs are repetitive and boring, overall the album is cohesive, managing to be both entertaining and thematically consistent. Swift is always able to use her vulnerability as more of a strength than a weakness. She never has to reinvent herself, each album she releases is a representation of who she is at that specific time and that is why she is as big a star as she is. Lover is another piece of work that reflects on who Swift is and whether it’s as good as the last album, the music is real and genuine. It’s the reason why she has such a strong fan base, and the reason why people come back for more.