I Know What You Did Last Summer


Courtesy of Georgia Russello

Sophomore Georgia Russello speaks with her boss, former supermodel, Karlie Kloss.

Kate Loughran, Managing Editor, Sophomore

While the summertime is a break from work for many, a few PMHS students kept busy with internships and jobs. Undertaking jobs such as camp counselors, and internships in technology and the music industry, students truly made their mark this summer.

Sophomore Georgia Russello commuted to and from the city daily to participate in a science research coding internship with Kode with Klossy. The company strives to give girls opportunities to get into STEM fields and learn computer coding systems.

“I enjoyed this internship because it was something that I have never done before. The internship exposed me to new fields I didn’t know existed,” Russello said.

Staying closer to home, sophomore Charlie Gutch had an internship at the Pelham Picture House. He worked to find local businesses to buy ads and sponsor the theater’s fundraising event: Picnic in the Park. Because of his internship, Gutch now works at the Pelham Picture House year round.

Gutch said, “I learned how to be a salesperson, pitch, and produce to others, and I learned how to communicate and work with adults.”

Junior Jack Dougherty worked at SUNY Maritime Adventure Boat Camp as a counselor, teaching kids the fundamentals of boating while spending days on the water. Dougherty enjoyed when he saw his campers understand an activity, whether it be sailing, power boating, or kayaking. He could see his hard work as a counselor pay off.

Dougherty said, “I would absolutely recommend this job to others. It’s a great way to get outside and have a fun job!”

Whether it be in the office, on the water, or right here in Pelham, students surely had a summer full of work, learning, and fun!

Sophomore Charlie Gutch spent his summer working in the movies — the movie theatre, that is!