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Piano Prodigy Dylan Giglio Plays Carnegie Hall


Courtesy of Dylan Giglio

Dylan Giglio earned the honor of playing piano at Carnegie Hall.

Lucy Edmunds, Photography Editor, Junior

Since the ripe age of four, senior Dylan Giglio has been playing the piano. As a child, Giglio was fascinated by the sounds of his grandmother’s old piano, and decided to try his hand at the instrument. He has been taking lessons for years, improving both his composition and playing skills. In recent years, the piano player has performed professionally in front of large audiences in some of Manhattan’s most renowned locations.

Giglio makes time to practice about 4-5 times a week. For Dylan, playing music is not only a hobby, but a medium to express himself and an opportunity to escape reality.

Giglio said, “I can express myself easily because I don’t have to talk to convey my thoughts. Instead I can go to the stage and deliver beautiful pieces but put my own spin on it.”

Although he enjoys performing for an audience in a casual setting, Dylan has played piano at multiple events, competitions, and formal settings. He auditioned for the “American Protégé” contest, an international piano and strings competition open to students and adults. He won the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall in May of 2018, quite a contrast to where he normally plays.

Giglio said, “From backstage, looking at the size of the audience was quite daunting but as soon as I began playing, I felt super excited and ready to share the composers’ music.”

In addition to piano, Dylan has also picked up the clarinet and flute, and has become more relaxed and confident playing in front of others.

Although he does not see a professional piano career in his future, he believes music will remain an important part of his life, and will continue to study it as a hobby.