Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Scary


Ellie O’Sullivan, Features Editor - Sophomore

As the season of Halloween and spooky parties approaches, the one question on everyone’s mind is not, “What am I going to be for Halloween?”* but, “How can I be really scary?” Look no further, friend, for you have found the gold mine of Halloween costumes that are not only original, but chilling to the bone.**
– The College Board – Show up to any high school Halloween party dressed like this and witness junior and senior students fleeing and screaming in terror.
– The Uncle who Brings Up Politics at the Family Dinner – Nothing screams “scary” like disruption of peace and general annoying-ness.
– The Red Teletubby – There is no explanation needed as to why showing up to a party in full red dress and makeup would be incredibly freaky.
– Your parents when they say “Hey can we talk?” – The thought of every single bad thing that you’ve ever done races through your mind any time a parent asks this. What could be more terrifying?
– A teacher when they stand in front of the class and say “I’ll wait.” Whenever this phrase is uttered, the soul of each student literally leaves their body. The talking-to that the class is about to get is inevitable. Truly the feeling of impending doom.

What if you don’t want to go to a party? Simple answer: don’t. Just don’t go to a party at all, and if anyone asks if you were there, answer that you were one of the following:
– Everyone on MySpace.
– Iron Man at the end of Avengers: Endgame.
– The sock that was there when it went into the laundry.

*There is no evidence supporting that this is not in fact the question on everyone’s mind
**It’s heavily suggested that you don’t actually use any of these costumes as doing so may result in loss of popularity and friends.