Athlete of the Issue

Eileen Mazzaro – Field Hockey


Len Elmer

Junior Eileen Mazzaro sprints down the field towards the goal.

Maria Comerford, News Editor, Senior

Sophomore Eileen Mazzaro played a key role on Pelham’s varsity field hockey team this fall. This season alone, Mazzaro has tallied 19 goals and 10 assists as a left forward, and has had a major impact all around the field.

Only picking up the sport in the seventh grade, Mazzaro felt as though she would be far behind the others, but it was quite the opposite. As a hockey player, the sport came naturally to her. One thing that makes her so unique is the fact that she can play lefty, a very rare capability in the sport of field hockey.

She believes not just her success, but the team’s success as a whole, sparks from the team atmosphere and positivity.

Mazzaro said, “The team atmosphere is awesome. Everyone is so positive towards each other and when the other team scores on us, we lift each other up and get a goal right back.”

As Mazzaro is only a sophomore, the future of Pelham field hockey looks bright. According to Mazzaro, more girls are starting to play field hockey at a young age, which means their skill set will develop more over time, inevitably helping the team’s success in the future.

Senior captain, Morgan Orlando said, “Eileen is an extremely valuable player this year and is one of our leading goal scorers. She is a very determined and accomplished player and I enjoy being on the field with her.”